The Guild was established in 2008 and now represents the majority of stunt personnel living in Ireland.

Our core values.

We Foster Excellence

To provide information on national/international training for stunt personnel in Ireland. Stunt Guild Ireland uses the same experience and qualification guidelines as set out by recognized Stunt Groups and Guilds throughout the world'

We Pursue Excellence

To maintain and grow the standards of professionalism of stunt performance on all productions we are involved in.

We Practice Honesty

To communicate clearly with all our members and on behalf of our members with any and all productions ensuring uniformity and continuity across the field.

We Create Security

To ensure employment for our Guild members within our own regional productions. To match the productions requirments.

Our Structure

The Guild Council

How it is comprised
The Guild Council is comprised of full members of the Guild from the ranks of co-ordinators and performers. The roles are President, Vice President, Secretary and council members which are voted into office annually for the duration of the year at the Guild AGM

Stunt Co-Ordinators

What is a Stunt Co-ordinator?
A Stunt co-oridnator is a senior stunt performer with many years of experience across the field.Stunt coordinators often work very closely with the director to achieve the vision of the production. Because most stunts seen on television and in movies are deemed very dangerous, the stunt coordinator is most importantly responsible for the safety of all the staff and crew when stunts are being performed.In many cases, the stunt coordinator budgets, designs and choreographs the stunt sequence to suit the script and the director's vision.

Stunt Performers

What is a Stunt Performer?
Stunt Performers perform supervised stunts which are overseen by Stunt Action Co-ordinators, who are responsible for stunts across all the filming units involved.

Stunt Performers are highly trained and qualified professionals. They usually have some prior experience of working on film sets as extras, walk ons, Actors or runners.

They are employed by film production companies to take actors' places when dangerous or specialised actions are specified in the script, or to perform roles requiring specific skills, e.g. martial arts, diving, boxing, etc. They duplicate as closely as possible the Actors' appearance and body language while in character, so that stunt scenes can be edited seamlessly into the overall action. They are subject to stringent checks, in order to verify that they can carry out the work effectively and safely.