Fighting Qualification

First kyu or brown belt level from the appropriate governing body in one or more of the disciplines :

What We're Looking For

  •  Aikido.
  •  Karate.
  •  Jujitsu.
  •  Judo.
  •  Kung Fu.
  • Tae Kwon Do.
  • Kick Boxing.
  •  Fencing (Under review).
  • Wrestling, Evidence of   competition and achievement.

Horses & Driving

Cars Qualification Proof of successful competition experience, RIAC/FAI licenses or Advanced Stunt Driving Course Motorcycle Qualification Proof of successful competition experience and MRCI licenses. Horses as listed here.

What We're Looking For

The examiner shall be a qualified member of the Stunt Guild Ireland who is approved by the Stunt Council to undertake such examinations. A fee will be charged to cover the cost of the examination

  1. The applicant will be required to tack up a horse efficiently with an understanding of the safety and comfort of the tack for the horse and rider. Bits may include snaffles and pelham’s where a curb chain is included. The applicant will be required to lead in hand with consideration for the safety of the horse, self and other people in the vicinity.
  2. The applicant will be required to mount and dismount with agility and sensitivity for the horse and show his/her ability to ride two horses in walk, trot (rising and sitting) and canter – including correct canter leads and changing the canter lead. Transitions from pace including walk to canter and canter to walk should be shown. Circles of varying sizes should be shown in three paces of a suitable size for the horse being ridden to be executed with balance and rhythm. Accuracy of transitions at set marks should be shown. A few steps of rein-back will be required. The applicant may be requested to ride in pairs, threes and four abreast.
  3. The applicant will be required to jump a short course of fences not exceeding 0.76m (2Ft 6In)
  4. The applicant will be required to vault on and ride bareback in all three paces and over fences not exceeding 0.76m (2Ft 6In).
  5. The applicant will be required to ride in all three paces holding lance or sword or shield showing good overall control of the horse. Riding as a team abreast and pulling up at set marks may be required. Where the applicant is below the required standard, the examiner may stop the applicant at any time in the interest of safety of the horse and rider. Completing the test does not necessarily indicate a pass has been achieved.


High Diving Qualification
Parachuting Qualification
Trampoline Qualification

What We're Looking For

See Individual Info Below.


Any one of the following Sub Aqua Qualification Swimming Qualification

What We're Looking For

01. Dive Master Qualification from the Professional Association of Diving instructors (PADI) or Equivalent

02.The Irish Water Safety National Beach Lifeguard Certificate or
The RLSS Beach Lifeguard (UK) equivalent

Strength & Agility

One of the below: Rock Climbing Qualification Mountaineering Qualification Gymnastics Qualification

What We're Looking For

See Individual info below.


What We're Looking For

Evidence of a high standard of qualification in a relevant skill not listed above may, at the discretion of the Stunt Council be accepted in substitution of ONE of the categories listed,

Or as an additional category. Applicants should already have this qualification, and it should be of an advanced standard e.g. National level or as a result of Successful Competition..