Into The Badlands New Trailer

AMC made major gains as a network when they introduced post-apocalyptic survival drama The Walking Dead nearly a decade ago. Since TWD‘s outstanding success, AMC has worked to appeal to its fans with other original programming, like spin-off Fear the Walking Dead and, in late 2015, Into the Badlands. The latter acts as a TWD-esque survivalist drama set in a fictional land rules by seven barons.

Though Into the Badlands received mixed reviews for its complex premise and scattered execution, AMC renewed the show last year, and its second season is finally around the corner. The show’s sophomore season will see protagonist Sunny face off against numerous characters, including the vengeful River King and powerful monks. A new trailer for the upcoming season reveals just what — or who — motivates Sunny to keep fighting.

AMC released a teaser for Into the Badlands season 2 via their YouTube channel. It follows a training Sunny, intercut with images of other characters and scenes from the show. As Sunny’s blows become more rapid and frenzied, so too do the chaotic scenes. Check out the full trailer for yourself

This second season could prove crucial for Into the Badlands, as AMC took a chance last year by renewing the not-so-standout show. With its beautiful visuals and an intriguing upcoming season just around the corner, though, Into the Badlands might be preparing to finally blow us all away.

Into the Badlands returns to AMC for a second season on Sunday, March 19 at 10 p.m. EST.

Season 2 features work from Stunt Guild Ireland performers Brendan Condren Stunts Caroline Simonnet Conor Hegarty Darron Costello Eimear O Grady Giedrius Gee Nagys Marc Shoryuken Redmond martin white Paul Thompson Peter Dillon Avril Murphy Lemuel Black and Orlaith Doherty